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N-back IQ Game Brain B Premium

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★★★的N- BACK智商的大腦遊戲商保費 - 一個智力遊戲提高你的智商(智力)只打了20分鐘,每週4次!大腦生成器是N回遊戲,它已-被科學證明可以提高你的智商,工作記憶(短期記憶)和注意力的Android版本。此前的N-回遊戲它被認為智商是固定的誕生,因為和有不是的方式增加。然而,最近一個範式轉變發生時的論文發表在美利堅合眾國(PNAS),顯示衛生組織智商的國家科學院的訴訟可以通過只打腦生成器20分鐘,每週四次增加。由於多個這項研究證實了認真的調查研究ESTA有發現。
★★★ N-BACK IQ GAME BRAIN BUILDER PREMIUM — AN INTELLIGENCE GAMEIncrease your IQ (intelligence) playing just 20 minutes 4 times a week! Brain Builder is the Android version of the N-Back game which it has been scientifically proven to increase your IQ, working memory (short term memory) and attention.
Previously to the N-Back game it is thought that the IQ was a fixed since birth and that there were not way to increase it. Nevertheless, recently a paradigm shift occurred when a paper was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) showing that IQ actually can be increased by just playing Brain Builder 20 minutes four times a week. Since that study multiple serious research studies have confirmed this discovery.
Brain Builder is the Android version of the N-Back game with the additional advantage that it can be played anywhere at any time using these free time that we always for playing a IQ game with which you will increase your brain power.
★★★ INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES PROVES THAT BRAIN BUILDER WORKS! * For a complete list of references to clinical studies conducted by the most respected university around the world proving that Brain Builder works and to download all these scientific papers please visit